Cigarette Odor Removal Services Available Across the Country

Cigarette odor removal has always been an impossible task, until now.

Steri-Clean has created an incredibly simple way to eradicate cigarette odors from cars, homes, hotel rooms, and even personal contents! If you are tired of getting into your car and smelling even the slightest odors, call us. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home affected by smoke odors, call us. Our services are affordable, so what are you waiting for?

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

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Millions of cars are sold each year that are affected by cigarette, vape, cigar, pipe and other smoke odors. Buyers are very turned off by smoke odors and will either refuse to purchase a smokers car, or will offer dramatically lower purchase prices. Don’t let a simple thing like smoke odor stop a vehicle sale!

The cigarette smoke removal experts at Steri-Clean can removed smoke odors from your car, no matter how strong they are. Our simple 3 stage process will eliminate or greatly reduce the odor which in turn increases the selling price! We offer free estimates and fast turn around times. Call us today to learn more (844)600-2673 .

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal


Did you know that a home with smoke odor sells for upwards of 29% less than a smoke free home? That can equal tens of thousands of dollars or more! No matter how rich a person is, that just doesn’t make any sense! The smoke odor removal process can be accomplished in as little as one visit and will help you recoup those lost dollars.

For others, this is just maintenance. We have regular customers in which we remove smoke odors on a scheduled basis so that home is never allowed to get to the point where people no longer want to visit.

Let Steri-Clean rid your home of the unpleasant and unappealing odor of cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, pipe smoke, vape smoke and even marijuana smoke. Call our nationwide call center today for a free estimate (844)600-2673 !

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal


Do you own or manage a property that has a smoke odor problem?

Steri-Clean is trusted by businesses across the country for many difficult cleaning needs ranging from disease outbreaks, death scene cleanup, hoarding, and odor removal. Motels, hotels, apartments and other multi tenant occupancies trust Steri-Clean for removing difficult smoke odors from there units so they can rent them out again. They have come to rely on the quality of service, affordable pricing and fast turn around time in which we can turn their property around smoke free! In fact, Steri-Clean has converted entire sections of hotels from smoking rooms to non smoking rooms with 100% success!

Call Steri-Clean today with any questions or to set up a cigarette smoke odor removal estimate at (844)600-2673 .