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Steri-Clean Inc.® is a nationwide company and industry leader in extreme and difficult cleaning services. Our expert services involve specialized cleaning involving biohazards, hoarding, and tear gas which all have extreme odors associated with them. To combat many pungent odors, we developed an odor division that utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals engineered to destroy odors at their source. We do not use masking agents or perfumes like so many other odor removal services to simply mask or cover an odor, which will only come back later.


Across the nation, car buyers, sellers, and owners rely on Steri-Clean’s® cigarette odor services to restore the car's fresh smell. Nothing will sink your sales price like selling a car that smells like smoke! We have proven the effectiveness of the 3 part system which includes administration of our formulated topical smoke killer, the secondary highly technical gas treatment, and finally the positive pressure ventilation.

Happy customers are nothing but normal at each Steri-Clean® location. The cost for these services will easily be recovered by a much higher sales price! Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on your cigarette smoke odor removal needs at (844) 600-2673 .


Through a network of corporate and franchise-owned offices, strategically located within their territories, we are able to help millions of people perform the unthinkable and the impossible. If you are faced with a difficult cleaning need, let our discreet team help you through it. Help is only a phone call away!


Steri–Clean, Inc.® is the parent company of two nationally recognized brands®, our Hoarding remediation division, and Crime Scene Steri-Clean our Bio-hazard division. Every year Steri-Clean, Inc.® compassionately helps thousands of clients in their time of crisis or need. If you are caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental and enjoy helping others, please visit our franchise page for information on franchising opportunities throughout the nation.

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