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About Us

How it Works

Steri-Clean Inc. is a nationwide company, and industry leader in extreme and difficult cleaning services. Our expert services involve specialized cleaning involving biohazards, hoarding, and tear gas which all have extreme odors associated with them. To combat many pungent odors, we developed an odor division that utilizes state of the art equipment and chemicals engineered to destroy odors at their source. We do not use masking agents or perfumes like so many so called odor removal services to simply mask or cover an odor, which will only come back later.

The Power of Our Products

Across the nation, car buyers, sellers and owners rely on Steri-Clean’s cigarette odor services to restore the cars fresh smell. Nothing will sink your sales price like selling a car that smells like smoke! We have proven the effectiveness of the 3 part system which includes administration of our formulated topical smoke killer, the secondary highly technical gas treatment, and finally the positive pressure ventilation.

Happy customers are nothing but normal at each Steri-Clean location. The cost for this services will easily be recovered by a much higher sales price! Call us today for a free estimate on your cigarette smoke odor removal needs at (844)600-2673 .

What Our Customers Say...

I bought a condo that happened to have a smoker who lived there previously. He claimed he only smoked on the balcony, but of course it permeated the condo. The seller tried to mask the smell, so at this point it smelled like a combination of cigarettes/old motel/old man. Weird combo. I called Steri-Clean way too early on a Sunday morning, thinking I’d just leave a message. They answered the phone(!) and gave me a rough estimate of what it would cost, so I could decide if I wanted to go through with the sale. Instant gratification at its finest!”

“Once escrow closed, the crew came in and did their thing. The two guys that did the job were really great. Professional, but personable. All I had to do was be there to open the door, they did everything. The next day I came back, they had cleaned everything up so there was no evidence of them ever there, and aired out the place for me. The best part? No cigarette/motel/old man smell! They warned me it would smell sort of like chlorine for a bit, but I barely smelled that. It was such a relief that the smell was gone, since this is my new home! I trusted their confidence in being able to remove it, and they didn’t disappoint.”

“Throughout the whole process, everyone at Steri-Clean was pretty fantastic. I was in close contact with Natalie, and she is just amazing! I had to reschedule things a few times (can’t count on escrow timelines), ask really weird questions, and pretty much needed my hand held and someone to laugh at my antics the whole time. Natalie was that person, and made me feel totally confident that I was in good hands.

I needed to sell my mobile home but had smoked in it for many years. My realtor told me that the odor was going to really hurt the selling price and turn away most buyers. I needed every penny from this sale to help me downsize into a small apartment at a retirement community. I honestly didn’t know what to do. My realtor told me about a company that specializes in all kinds of difficult cleaning, including cigarette smoke removal. I called Steri-Clean the very next day and spoke with an operator who was very friendly. She transferred me to the local Steri-Clean in my area and they were hands down one of the nicest businesses I have ever dealt with. I have since found out they deal with death cleanup too, so I am sure their compassion comes from working in very difficult situations. In just 2 days, John and David removed every trace of the smoke smell and my home sold for market value. The money I would have lost in the sale, was way more than what the cost of the service was, so well worth the small investment. I can’t thank my realtor and Steri-Clean for helping me get the most of our my home to help with this new chapter in my life.

Last year I bought a fairly-new used car, and long story short, after the shine and fresh scent wore off, it was a smoker’s car and started to reek. You would get out and you smelled like smoke, just like being in a casino. I tried deep cleanings, sprays, fresheners, ozone treatments, etc. spending many hundreds of dollars. Eventually I found Cory at Steri-Clean.

He wanted to try a new product, which was a commercial spray fogger and required sealing and tarping the car for two (2) days in complete darkness (as light deactivated the product). Let’s just say, for mine, it took five (5) full days.

After the expected chemical small wore off in a few weeks, the car was MUCH BETTER. I would call it a 90% improvement. In short, it basically worked.

Maybe it’s me with the smoke smell stuck in my head, but on occasion I can still smell it, especially when it’s hot outside. However, it is a vast improvement, and I’m happy with the service Cory and Steri-Clean provided. It wasn’t cheap, but not too bad considering the work he and his team expended. But ultimately it was worth it as it saved me from having to sell the car, and now I can have my kids in it with no issues.

I’m in LA, but Steri-Clean is in San Bernardino, and I had to leave the car there. However, as said, I’m glad I did it and highly recommend them.

The home of a close family member was seriously affected by years of smoking. We needed a company to come out fast and help us rid the odor so it could be listed for sale. Steri-Clean was at our family’s residence within a day to give us a quote. Upon approval of the estimated cost, they were working 2 days later. The team was always courteous and hard-working. We were very impressed by their attention to detail and professionalism, yet they were so easy to talk to. I felt like we had known them our whole lives, which is a random feeling when you have workers in your home, but it was true. They were able to complete the job earlier than expected and with amazing results, which I thought was next to impossible. If a friend or family member ever needed this service, I would always recommend Steri-Clean to get the job done!

I absolutely recommend Steri-Clean not only because of the great job they do removing odors but their customer service is top notch. The rep that answered was extremely responsive after my first phone call whereas other places I contacted would not even bother returning my call. Mike arrived with a great attitude and was very efficient at getting rid of the smoke odor quickly and making my home smell like new again. It is true you get what you pay for and I am very, very satisfied with the services I received from Steri-Clean

We purchased our dream camper, a 1969 Volkswagen Westfalia last month from an elderly couple that said they rarely used it. It was perfect EXCEPT for the smell of smoke as soon as we sat inside of it. The price was in our range so we took our chances and purchased it despite the horrid smell.

After trying to just deal with it, we realized that just wasn’t an option. We investigated several self cleaning methods and tried a few, but they all failed miserably. We then looked for auto detailers that could help, but they all used a mask, and didn’t deal with the actual odor. We read stories about other people that had used masking agents and they were not happy.

We finally found a local Steri-Clean office that specialized in smoke removal. We called and spoke with Brian who explained how their process actually destroyed the odor molecules which sounded perfect. We took our baby down to their office and their team provided us with a reasonable estimate. We agreed and left them to work their magic! We came back the next day and to our surprise their service actually worked wonders! Our van didn’t smell of smoke, and actually had a clean smell to it which it probably hasn’t had since 1969! I would completely recommend this service to anyone needing cigarette smoke removal from their car. I still don’t fully understand how it works, but it works! Thanks again Steri-Clean for helping us get our camper van ready for many road trips!!

We had a rental property and had to evict a tenant due to him destroying our home. After the long, drawn out eviction process, we needed a company to come in and clean out a ton of trash and clutter, and deal with the terrible odor of cigarettes that permeated every inch of the home.

We remembered seeing Steri-Clean on the Hoarders TV show and thought, if they can deal with those homes, they should certainly be able to help us with our situation. We called and luckily they had a location nearby. Their local project manager, Jason, came to the home and gave us a reasonable quote to get out home back to a safe state so we could find another renter. As any landlord knows, time without a renter is tough and so we needed this done fast, but done right. Steri-Clean did not dissapoint! They had the entire home emptied, scrubbed own and odor removed in 3 days. There were some repairs that were needed that Steri-Cleand couldn’t do, but all I can way is wow! This team did am incredible service in such a short time fram. God for bid I ever need this again, but if I do, I know exactly who I cam going to to call.

Thank you Steri-Clean Ohio!

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